The Marshfield Leg of The Journey

After my maiden voyage with the Focus, I had finally made it to Marshfield. I came during the middle of the day, so my parents were still at work, but Jordy was there to greet me,

When my dad got home, he brought some fresh cheese curds.

The next day, Jake and I went to China Chef. Before that, we had dropped off his car to get a new valve cover gasket. After eating, we were able to see them work on it a bit. I dropped Jake back off, and then we I went to the Lava Carwash with my buddy Bob after loading his snowmobile up.

Later that night, I went with my parents and we walked down a few backroads with Jordy.

You could definitely tell we were down some back roads when a tractor decided to drive by.

The next day I took it easy. Jake and I went to one of his friend’s places for a fire. I got to bed halfway early so I could make my impulsive trip to Thunder Bay. After getting back from Thunder Bay, I helped put together a bed at my grandma’s, and then the next day my mom and I went to Sam’s Club in Wausau. We had a little pit stop at Fazoli’s. It was wet and rainy that day, but at least the spaghetti was good.

Later that night, I dropped by Nick aka, “Rufie.” He had put an air horn on the vehicle we went plowing with.

A little later in the week, I met up with Jake and a few other friends and we hit up Five-O-One Sports Bar and Jack’s. I didn’t drink that night because I was driving, but on Friday night I did.

Friday night I first ate at Lindsey Bar and then arranged it with Nick to be the DD so a few of us could go out and hit up Marshfield. You can definitely tell you’re drinking in Wisconsin when they sell 10 30 packs for $100.

I stayed at Nutz Deep the whole night and didn’t get many pictures overall. I’ll eventually write a blog entry about them. When Nick was driving us around, I saw another quirk of his vehicle. The gas gauge was going nuts!

The next night, I decided to take it easy, and also since I was driving, I didn’t drink. I did meet up with some other friends. We ended up at Rose Bowl and then the Brew Pub (which are two other places I’ll eventually blog about). I noticed they had a lot of Austin-made vodka at the Brew Pub.

After that, I went out to a fire at another friend’s house.

The next day was my grandma’s 90th birthday party. I helped set up, and the party went great. I noticed outside the park, there was someone way more daring than me with their classic car. With the snow in the area, I didn’t take my chances, but I guess this guy did.

Overall, it was a good trip to Wisconsin. I got to see a lot of people and also do a lot of things. It was interesting still seeing snow, and it kind of sucked not being able to bring my Cougar out. I did get my fair share of cheese curds, and I do look forward to being back up again!

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