Wednesday Weekly August 1: A Trip to Bryan

Last week was a hot one. I was grateful I was not camping in a tent anymore and back in air conditioning.

Instead, I was inside catching up on stuff and having to get our Roomba, Herbert, unstuck from the couch.

I did venture out a little bit. On Friday, Victoria and I had our weekly lunch date at Wally’s. I could tell I was back in Texas with the fried chicken strips and cream gravy.

On Saturday, we planned to go to Bryan to visit Victoria’s grandparents and aunt and uncle. She was going to show them her new car so I was able to take the passenger seat. We first stopped at 7-11 for gas and breakfast. There were plenty of cop cars outside the Wells Fargo next door. It sounds like someone tried to rob it.

On the way to Bryan, Victoria heard a horn and didn’t know where it was coming from. A train ended up being hidden for a bit but then showed itself.

We crossed the Brazos River and then made it to Bryan.

We visited for a while at Victoria’s grandparents’ house and then went to Cracker Barrel.

After that, we headed to Jacob’s Well to fill a bunch of water jugs up. Unlike my parents’ house in Wisconsin that has great tasting well water, Bryan’s water tastes bad. It is very salty, and you need to either filter and purify it yourself or buy purified water.

We drove the water jugs back to Victoria’s grandparents’ house. Her aunt and uncle, Craig and Kathy, dropped by. We soon went to their house a while so they could feed the dog. We grabbed a quick drink there.

Before you knew it, we were piling into Craig’s Explorer. We headed out to Yankee’s Tavern to have supper.

The food was good at Yankee’s and we stayed there for a while. Our next stop was Craig and Kathy’s cabin.

Victoria, Craig, Kathy, and I climbed up in the loft. Her grandma took a picture of us.

From out in the boonies, we traveled back to the city. We hit up Downtown Bryan and went to the 5 Knocks Speakeasy.

Since Victoria’s grandma was getting a bunch of pictures of us, Victoria told me to get a quick picture of them. You can definitely tell Lee Roy and Carolyn have been a happy couple for a long time.

The next day, we had Fritella’s for lunch.

I wanted to get some summer sausage from Readfield’s. Being that it was a Sunday, they were closed. Thankfully, HEB in Bryan carried it. I bought some of it to bring back. We then headed back for Austin.

On the way back, it was still hot. Gotta love Texas this time of year!