100 Mile Road Trip for Jerky From the Stagecoach Stop Gas Station in Fredericksburg TX

I know I always get crap about just going on random road trips to get a burger or a pizza, but I guess I did do this to get jerky. One place I discovered when coming back from El Paso trips is there is this gas station right outside of Fredericksburg that sells a lot of local products and have some brisket sandwiches and jerky around the area.

After eating at PDQ and driving around a bit, I decided to head to Fredericksburg to get some jerky. I stopped at LBJ State Park to look at the Bluebonnets and then drove to Stagecoach Stop. Victoria was with me and she thought there was something special about this place, but came to find out it was basically just a typical gas station that sold a lot of local products and had a meat market.

Victoria grabbed some popcorn and I went over to the meat market to get my jerky.

I got a slab of jerky and then a hunk of each of the thick cut turkey jerky and beef jerky.

The jerky was definitely good and worth the 100 mile trip. I know it sounds crazy to take a trip like this for just jerky, but it was definitely a nice trip to pass the time. The weather was nice and I also got to stop by LBJ State Park to look at the Bluebonnets. If you're ever in Central Texas and want local things or want really good jerky, stop by this otherwise unassuming gas station just right outside of Fredericksburg.

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