As I had spent my 26th birthday in Mexico, I spent my 25th in Toronto. I guess I might have to start making a tradition of traveling out of the country for my birthday. By March of 2014, I was just riding out the end of my lease to then move to Austin. I had taken the previous Canadian trips, as you have probably already read, and wanted to make sure I saw Toronto before moving down South.

I worked on March 21st and then right after work, hit the road. I drove all the way through and made it to the Canadian border in Michigan. It was about 1 in the morning and I was asked a few questions and then, for the first time, not taken into secondary questioning. I drove a little longer and ended up in Forest, Ontario. I stayed at the Forest Golf Resort and Hotel.

There was actually nobody at the front desk so I had to call a phone number and someone drove up. I was then go checked in and then got some sleep. The next morning, I checked out and explored Forest a bit. There was a Ford dealership across the road, so I decided to check out the Mustang they had in their showroom (you can see my Focus in the background).

With Canada being on the metric system, their speedometers really look like you're really hauling.

I heard about Coffee Crisp bars so when I stopped at the gas station to fill up and get some breakfast, I decided to try a Coffee Crisp bar.

A while later I finally hit Toronto.

I decided to check out the mall so I parked the car and walked around a bit.

I finally made it to the mall.

I walked inside the mall and saw Herzing's Toronto campus.

I took the elevators up to the campus. Unlike Winnipeg's campus, Toronto's was closed. I did get a few pictures from the outside.

When I went outside, I saw some people preaching. I see this wasn't just isolated to the US.

I then decided to drive around and see more of the city and also the CN tower.

I saw what I wanted to see and I had a long drive back. I drove back but made sure to stop by Tim Horton's to get some coffee for the drive.

It was a long drive back but I made a weekend trip to Toronto from Marshfield and was able to see everything I wanted to see before my move down to Austin.

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