Impulsive Traveling and Border Crossing

When you impulsively travel like I do, you really don’t have a plan on what you’re going to do. The only real thing you have is a general direction you’re taking. This always gets to be interesting when crossing the border. When asked what I plan to do, I must always sound super sketchy since I can’t really answer the question and “drive around and look at things” doesn’t seem like a legitimate answer. Also, when I don’t have a confirmed place to stay, that also always seems to raise suspicions. I always figure, my credit card works across the border, so I can easily find somewhere for the night. Reserving somewhere to stay would really crimp into my style of travel. I’ve pretty much been taken into secondary questioning more often than not. Even when I went to Nuevo Laredo, I was taken into secondary by US customs as I was leaving the country. Usually after a few minutes of questioning, they realize I’m just exploring things as I go and then let me on my way. Hopefully, I can reference this blog and maybe it will provide some transparency that I’m not up to sketchy activities and make the crossing a bit easier. It definitely is always interesting getting pulled into secondary questioning and I pretty much plan to be interrogated every time I cross the border.