Christmas in Wisconsin

After making the drive up to Wisconsin, it was time to relax a bit and then show Victoria around my old stomping grounds. The first thing that made it obvious we were there was the sheer amount of snow. There was definitely a lot more than last Christmas.

We got to see the Cougar tucked away for winter storage.

After hanging with the family on Christmas, we headed to Mall of America with my parents on Monday to explore a few things, including Sea World. This was both Victoria and my dad’s first time at Mall of America.

I was surprised to see a Tim Horton’s in Mall of America. Normally, I have to be in Canada to find one.

For lunch, we decided to stop at Margaritaville right when it opened. I got a fish sandwich.

We found a robot dog that we thought might make Jordy go nuts. On the way back from Mall of America, it got a bit foggy.

We even saw some Amish buggies.

Later in the week, we also decided to hit up Politos and El Mezcal. My parents threw a party like a Packer Party, minus an actual Packer game going on. Other than that, I tried showing Victoria as much of Central Wisconsin as I could in the limited amount of time we had.

I know she was bombarded with meeting new people between my large extended family and also a group of friends. I’m hoping we’ll eventually be able to make another trip up to Wisconsin in the near future, and she’ll be able to see some more. Next time, we’ll have to do it in the summer so she can enjoy the awesomeness of an Upper Midwestern summer.

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