Wisconsin Thanksgiving 2016

After 3000 miles of driving, it was time to relax a bit in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, just like I did last year. Due to all the traveling I’m scheduled for at work, I only had the week off and wouldn’t be able to go to Madison or Thunder Bay like I have been doing the other times I come up.

One of the first things I did when I came up was buy hand and toe warmers for upcoming trip at Christmas.

I then decided to lay back with a blanket, and Jordy also made herself comfortable.

I visited my Cougar, which was put away for the winter.

When driving in town, I see they were already setting up for Winter Wonderland.

On one of the nights, there was a meetup in Wausau. I ate at Erbert and Gerbert’s before going to Malarky’s for the meetup.

It was encouraging seeing there were more meetups starting up. This meetup was the Wausau Raspberri Bi Bakers, which is equivalent to the North Austin Gadget Hackers, that I regularly attend. They had a cool radiation detecting robot they were working on.

After the meetup, I drove to my buddy Alex’s place. It was starting to snow, and things were getting crappy.

We decided to make it more like the warmer border with margaritas made with tequila I bought in Mexico. The bottle had a “fun stopper” on it, so it poured a little slower.

The next morning, the snow had stopped, but it was accumulated on the ground, and I had to clean it off my car.

We decided to get breakfast at the Log Cabin Restaurant. Besides that on that trip, I ate at the Green Tea Restaurant and World Buffet. The rest of the time I either hung out at home or visited my grandmas. Besides doing a little snow plowing with Rufie, I just took it easy and relaxed on the few days off before I’d have to hit the road again and continue my road trips for work.

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