The American Culture in Other Countries Paradox

One weird paradox that I have found is the way Americans view their own culture in other countries. On one end, many Americans think the world revolves around the USA and that their culture should dominate over other cultures. There is, no doubt, that American culture has a heavy influence on the rest of the world. As countries become richer, they aspire to be like the USA and consume the same things Americans do. Now the second part of this paradox, I have found, is when I mention something like how the Wisconsin Badger game was playing at a bar in Juarez, Mexico or all the NFL games are on the TV channels in Canada. People will act all surprised. It’s like they expect their culture to dominate the world yet are almost dumbfounded when elements of the said culture are actually found throughout the world. In the whole scheme of things, every culture has an influence on other cultures. Whether it be the immigrants who came here and brought the cultures of their respective countries, or how the USA now influences those same countries the immigrants came from. There are elements of every culture within every other culture and it should be no surprise to see it.