Walking to Juarez

Since I was spending the weekend in El Paso, I decided to be a little daring and hop over into Juarez. Now in 2010, Juarez was the most dangerous city in the world with number 2 being Baghdad. The cartels were in an all-out war with each other and it was a complete bloodbath. I started asking some of my coworkers what they thought and their opinions actually changed from last year. Most of them are starting to cross on a regular basis again and I got the general consensus that if I stayed on the main road, kind of like Nuevo Progreso, I’d be safe. I did my research and decided I wanted to go to Club Kentucky, which is a famous bar opened after prohibition in the United States. Many celebrities frequented that bar since it was only 2.5 blocks in. Since I was downtown and about a mile and a half away from the bar, I decided I’d get some exercise and walk to it.