A Mexican Lunch Break

Normally on the road, I just eat in the vehicle and didn't take a lunch break since it just wastes time in my schedule that I could be moving. This time, I decided to pop over the border to buy a few things, since I knew Progreso is very safe. I had read in the news that you could import Cuban products so I was going to get me some Cuban rum and cigars. Luckily I asked the customs agent before crossing because he told me that that doesn't take effect for another 90 days. He did tell me I could smoke one over there and to go and "smoke one for him." I guess it was a bit of a change of plan and I decided to get some cheap tequila instead.

After getting the work I needed to get done at the Progreso POE, I headed over to the pedestrian bridge.

I paid my toll at the toll booth.

I made my way over to the bridge. The sign thanking Winter Texas (aka Snowbirds) was there like the first time I went to Progreso .

I looked across the river and realized that invisible line was right down the middle.

I finally made it to that invisible line.

I was finally in Mexico!

The sidewalks were packed with activity.

I decided to hit up the first store in search of my cheap liquor. There was some Mexican Music playing overhead

They didn't have the cheap stuff I was looking for, so I continued my search. Across the road I saw Jr. Boots, the place where I bought my boots .

As I walked, vendors were trying to get me to buy their stuff. I finally made it to Uncle Sam's liquor.

They didn't have exactly what I was looking for but they did have cheap tequila, so I bought the 4 liter max you could take back. I then started walking back through the packed streets back to the border. I was tempted to get something to eat, but it was so hot that I lost my appetite.

There was a Mexican soldier guarding the border.

This was a super easy border crossing. I think it took longer for me to bring out my passport card than actually talking to the border guard. Basically, I just said I was buying cheap liquor and he saw my bags and let me through. I paid my taxes and I was good to go. It was crazy because this whole trip took half an hour. Granted I didn't eat, but it was a good way to spend a lunch break and kind of crazy how I could easily pop in and out of the country over a half hour "lunch" break.

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