Lake Superior Circle Tour Day 6 Thunder Bay to Duluth

After spending a couple of days in Thunder Bay, it was time to complete the circle and then head back down to Texas. It was a bit saddening looking out the window and knowing I’d be leaving this amazing view shortly.

Now, going out to the bar, I accumulated a lot of change that I wouldn’t be able to use in the United States.

I didn’t want to lug a bunch of change back to the US, so I spent the nickels, dimes, and quarters in the pop machine down the hall.

I got 2 Diet Pepsis and a Gatorade.

I blew the rest of my Loonies and paper money on some Red Bull at Metro.

I then hit the road for the border. There was a bit of a wait.

This border crossing was very easy and painless. I was asked a few questions, and the border guard warmly welcomed me back. Lately, border crossings have been getting easier unlike in the past.

I then headed towards Duluth and got some views of the lake

I had to stop to take a leak, so I stopped at a wayside with a view.

It rained on and off, and I also ran into various patches of fog.

I finally made it back to Duluth where it all began.

Completing the Lake Superior Circle Tour was a blast! The scenery was amazing, and I had a great time in Thunder Bay. The drive back to Texas was long as always, but it was nice getting back. I definitely am going to miss being up north, but there is a ton of work to do here.

With my second no home internet experiment, I will really be focusing on making apps and other things that will allow me to blog more efficiently. I will also start working on my blog design. There are a lot of good things in store, and hopefully by this time next year, I’ll be doing this full time. For now, I’ll have to just remember all the good memories and start planning for my next trip.

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