My Quest for a Canadian Flag

I try to keep it as minimalist as possible and don’t buy much in terms of souvenirs. I did decide, since I do love to go to Canada, I was going to buy a Canadian flag. I would hang it by my American flag. Now in America, they damn near hand out flags on every corner. I found this is not the case in Canada. It’s actually quite the opposite and it took me a lot of running around to finally find a place that sold a Canadian flag. I had already been at Walmart to buy chips, so I started my quest there. I figured they’d have an aisle completely full of flags, like they do in America. I was wrong. I asked a worker there and they said they only carry them around Canada day. I then drove to the Real Canadian Superstore. Now you figure a business with the words, “Real Canadian,” followed by “Superstore,” would have a superstore’s worth of flags. I was wrong again. My next stop was the mall. I hit up about a dozen different places including HMV, Sears, and many others I can’t remember. None of them had flags. I’d ask for suggestions and anywhere they suggested would not have a flag either. Finally, a lady working at Sears suggested Canadian tire.