Lake Superior Circle Tour Day 5: More Hanging Out in Thunder Bay

The night before, I took it somewhat easy. Ryan wasn’t drinking much, so I only had a few myself. I didn’t have to get up as early as Ryan, but I still needed to get up to go to the farmer’s market. I woke up and it was also cloudy and a bit rainy.

I then drove to the farmer’s market.

The reason I was going to go to the farmer’s market is my friend Thomas had a waffle stand called, “The Waffle Bar.” It appears he got some premium advertising for it at the entrance.

When I got there, he was working away at making some waffles.

Both of the selections looked good!

Being that I like to sample traditional stuff, I got the Classic Canadian. It had real Canadian maple syrup and was very good!

After talking with Thomas a while, I hit the road back for the hotel. One thing I notice around Thunder Bay is there are still a ton of payphones. It seems like there is one on every corner and I have not seen a city with so many payphones.

I decided to walk across the bridge to the Marina.

There was a bunch of things painted on the walkway.

I decided to walk around the Marina and take in some of the sites.

On my way back, a train was coming. It was kind of weird standing and looking at a train that was going directly under me. After that, I decided to go to Walmart to get some of the chips I had the day before. Usually when I go on vacations like this, I bring back some unique from where I was to work for my coworkers to sample.

I also wanted a souvenir to bring back and thought a Canadian flag would be cool. I could hang it in my apartment and it would remind me of all the good memories I had in Canada. Finding one was a bit more challenging than I thought.

After, I decided I’d eat at a bit more upscale restaurant. It was my last night in Thunder Bay. Thomas worked at a place called the Tomlin and it was right on Red River Road. It was basically almost across the road from my hotel.

The place was definitely more upscale than I’m used to eating at.

I got a beer while I waited for my food.

I ordered the salmon. It was one of the best meals I’ve had and I was happy I took up Thomas’s recommendation. I think I need to start eating like this a bit more!

I had some coffee for desert as well as a little pep since I was going to meet Ryan later and hit up the bars.

I had a little more than an hour to burn before meeting Ryan so I decided to take a stroll through the Marina again. This time I’d see it when the sun was setting.

Now, if I ever hit it rich, it would be amazing to live in these condos or have it as a vacation home. The view is amazing from that area as you can see by the above pictures. It’s also only s a couple minute walk to downtown.

I was going to meet Ryan at Sovereign Room, but it was too packed to sit down. I texted him and we agreed to meet at On Deck. We had a couple drinks there and then headed across the street to The Pier.

Afterwards, we headed to Apollo.

They had their power cut off, so everything was lit up by candle.

We had taken a picture earlier and posted it on Facebook, but a person commented they weren’t able to see Ryan’s WASP shirt. We took another one. The flash works pretty well on my phone considering it was pretty dark in the bar with no power.

After that, we walked to the Royalton to meet Keith. I saw this cool mural along the way.

After a drink at the Royalton, we headed to Black Pirates Pub. They had a live band.

The band was good.

After that, it was closing time. There were a lot of people in the street.

The night was fun and I walked back to my room to try to get as much sleep as possible for my upcoming 25+ hour drive that I was starting on the next day.

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