Lake Superior Circle Tour Day 4 Hanging Out in Thunder Bay

After a night of partying, I woke up a bit hungover to a gray sky.

I went downstairs to get some breakfast.

I was still pretty tired, so I went back to sleep. By the time I woke up, it was time to get something to eat again. Thunder Bay is known for a unique pastry called a, “Persian.” I went to the Persian Man to get one.

It was around 3:30, so I lucked out showing up randomly during their coffee break special.

I got my Persian and a coffee. The Persian was definitely very sweet but very good.

I went back to the hotel. There’s train tracks right by the road, so I was able to catch the view of a train going by. I was going to meet Ryan to sit in on Lipstick and Leather, like I did last time. I had a little time to kill so I hit up Subway. They had these poutine flavored chips, so I had to try them.

I headed to CILU and waited for Ryan.

Ryan started getting ready for the show. You can see more pictures of the studio from my last blog entry when I was at CILU.

After the radio show, Ryan and I decided to hit up the casino.

After losing the $25 that I agreed I’d be willing to lose and after Ryan reached his money-losing threshold, we walked to the Royalton. I was told it is the oldest bar in Thunder Bay. We met Ryan’s friend Keith there.

The décor definitely made it feel like a really old-school bar.

When we left, they actually had the sign lit up. We walked back to the Casino and went to Ryan’s car. Ryan had stayed sober since he was getting up early the next morning, so he was Keith and my designated driver. We hit up a few more bars and then called it a night around midnight. It was cool seeing some of the other bars outside downtown.

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