Lake Superior Circle Tour Day 1: Duluth to Almost Sault St. Marie

In all my traveling around Lake Superior, the furthest east I have went is either Copper Harbor on the American side or Nipigon on the Canadian side. I have always wanted to see what was beyond that so I decided after visiting Wisconsin, I would do the whole Lake Superior Circle Tour.

I headed off to Duluth to sleep that night at the Wisconsin Welcome Center.

The next morning, I woke up and had a quick look around.

Getting an Anytime Fitness membership was one of the best things I could do. Besides being able to work out, there are a ton of them I can take a shower at when I’m on the road. I went to a Duluth one to get my morning shower.

I topped off at the Holiday gas station where I35 starts. This is where I will complete the full circle. I also stopped here before when I did my border-to-border drive.

I got a steak and egg burrito for breakfast.

Then I hit the road to start my journey.

I was going counter-clockwise so I went past the welcome center I stayed at.

Lake Superior was constantly in view on the drive.

I was going to go to Saxon Harbor, but the road was closed due to the rains washing it out. I had to take a royal leak so I ended up at another Wisconsin Welcome Center on the Michigan border this time.

In the UP, things got a little hillier.

Eventually, I made it to Hancock. I stopped at Pat’s Foods, like I did the times before.

I bought a pasty since they’re a delicacy in the UP.

I ate and enjoyed the awesome view.

I then drove to Copper Harbor and parked in the same spot as last time.

I went on the dock. The views were pretty great!

It was a bit windy and the waves were crashing in the distance.

The boat was also rocking.

When I was walking back off the dock, I was able to get really close to a seagull.

I then drove to the end of Highway 41.

I didn’t attempt to drive down the seasonal road like last time.

There appeared to be a mountain bike race, so the last thing I wanted to do is dodge a bunch of bikes.

Then again, the race may have been over.

When I started going further south, I saw some scenic views of the lake.

I noticed there were a bunch of old cars that must have also been doing the Lake Superior Circle Tour but in the opposite direction.

Later in the day, I had to take another leak. Michigan has a ton of roadside parks that the old school outhouse pit toilets.

There was a walkway to view the lake.

Since this was up in the hill a bit, the views were pretty good.

I found a modern rest stop to park for the night and sleep.

It even had modern technology problems on the weather information computer.

The first day was a pretty long drive. I basically scaled the whole South Shore of Lake Superior in a day. I ended up about an hour out of Sault St. Marie before I decided to stop for the night.

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