Gone Shooting at Sherwood

One thing I’ve come to find out is, there is probably more public land to hunt deer or freely use in Clark County, Wisconsin than all of Texas. Pray, is in Clark County and is an area we used to hang out all the time and go shooting. In Texas, pretty much all the land is private. The only exceptions are Army Corps of Engineers land or state and national parks. Even with this public land, you still have to pay a fee and a lot of places are closed off for hunting or shooting. The nice thing about public land in Wisconsin is you don’t have to pay a fee and they are open to hunting and shooting. This includes some gun ranges also. In Texas, you have to either belong to a gun club or pay a fee to use the gun range. In Wisconsin, there are free gun ranges that are located on public land. Jake and I decided to go to Sherwood, which is in Clark County.