Things You Discover on the Road: A Guy Hauling an IHop Sign

Some of the most interesting things you discover are at a gas stations. I know I’ve discovered the slowest gas pump ever and you also have huge gas stations like Buc Ee’s that I stopped at on my border-to-border trip. In this case, I had hit the southern Kansas border and needed gas. I stopped at the first service plaza. When I pulled up, I saw the pump next to me was a truck and trailer with an IHop sign.

The interesting thing is it was just a normal truck pulling this trailer.

As I was taking a picture, the guy came out and jokingly said, “I bet this is going on Facebook.” I did post it to my Facebook, but decided to write this blog entry about it also. I talked to him a few minutes and found out he basically came the same route as me. He had driven through Fort Worth. The traffic had been crazy for him, just like it is always for me. He mentioned he hauled a lot of these and there’s a ton of people who always take pictures. He was heading to Missouri with this one. By then, my gas had stopped pumping, so I was ready to go. I do tend to see a lot of interesting things on the road while driving, but often times I’m not able to take a picture. I am happy I was able to grab a picture of this and also talk to the guy to get some background on it.