Christmas in Belleville

For Christmas, we decided it would be our holiday to stay home. This would give us a break from traveling. We'd also be able to start our own traditions. On Christmas Eve, I was able to watch the Packers barely squeak by a win.

Later that night, we attended our church's Christmas Eve service. We lit the Advent candles. The funny thing is this is the first time I've lit candles in church since the 9th grade. That was when I was an altar boy.

For supper, we had chili. It's a Texas tradition to have tamales and chili on Christmas Eve. We brought this tradition up when we moved to Wisconsin. We skipped the tamales for the time being. We ate a bit before the church service, so we weren't super hungry.

We went to bed, and Christmas morning was soon here. This is the weirdest Christmas in Wisconsin I've ever experienced with the weather. It was warm (for December) and rainy. The grass is starting to green up again. This is the opposite of a white Christmas that I'm used to.

The nice thing about Austin being close to two years old is he doesn't get us up early to open presents. We were able to follow our regular routine. We had eggs, potatoes, and bacon for breakfast. While we weren't traveling, I used some of the things I've discovered while traveling. I put Heartbeat Hot Sauce on my eggs. This is from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

We seasoned the eggs with Shumka Dust. This is also from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Soon, it was time to open presents in matching pajamas.

I looked at the weather and realized it was warmer in Wisconsin than in Texas!

After eating a hearty breakfast, I ate a lighter lunch. I had landjaegers and string cheese.

For dinner, we had tamales and chili.

After Austin went to bed, Victoria and I had a couple of drinks. This beer was from down the road in New Glarus.

It was nice to celebrate Christmas at home. Austin was a ball of energy and really enjoyed his presents. With that, we were still able to relax a bit. I'm sure we'll develop more traditions as the years pass.

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