A Weekend at Home With Little Dude

Victoria and I have agreed we each get a weekend to ourselves about every two months. I use my weekends to take road trips. She uses her weekend to get a hotel and get away for some time to herself. I always report back on my road trips, but this blog entry is a little different. This is the inverse of a road trip. This is what it is like for me when I spend the weekend watching Austin by myself.

Even though I'm not traveling, I like to explore when possible. For staying at home, this usually takes the form of food. I bought one of Costco's taco-making kits to try. This is what I had for lunch after work on Friday.

I also got some pre-sliced summer sausage. This makes eating it super convenient without making a mess trying to cut it up. It should also make a good road trip snack in the future.

In the afternoon, I picked up Austin. For supper, we had more tacos. He didn't like the tacos as much as I did. I think the cilantro lime was a bit too much for him. I had to give him some blueberries and cheese (his favorite) to supplement his meal.

Of course, we got some cartoons in after dinner.

As you can see, we have our house pretty babyproofed. The fence that separates the living and dining rooms is mounted to the wall. We have the tree protected by a plastic fence. Outlet boxes are covering the outlets. It's a nice setup that allows me to relax while allowing him to roam about half our house freely.

While he roams, Maya likes to sleep.

Austin usually goes to bed around 7:30 PM. Like when we travel, I try to sleep when he does. I was in bed early and made sure Maya was covered up.

The following morning, I made an egg sandwich but used naan bread. Austin had eggs, toast, and blueberries. He ate it all and asked for another piece of toast.

While I was just sitting around, it was a good time to do some laundry.

For lunch, I finished the tacos. I gave Austin some taquitos, yogurt, and blueberries.

While our house is babyproofed, that doesn't stop Austin from pushing the limits a bit. He first dumped the toys out of a bin.

Then he used that bin to climb up and get a closer look at the Christmas tree.

As soon as I took that bin away and set it behind the fence, he grabbed some other bins. You weren't going to stop him!

We had pizza and fries (also some of his favorites) for dinner.

7:30 came along soon enough, and we were both in bed.

On Sunday, we went to church. After the service, they were making “Charlie Brown” Christmas trees. These were for the people in nursing homes. Austin loves art, so he had a great time doing this.

After that, we got home and had leftover pizza for lunch.

I set Austin down for a nap and then watched the Packers miserably lose. Victoria came home in the meantime.

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