A Trip to Marshfield for a Wedding

This was going to be a high-action weekend. My brother was getting married, and I was the best man. Austin would be the ring bearer. In addition, we'd be taking Maya with us. We definitely had our work cut out for us.

For better logistics, Victoria and I took separate vehicles. I'd take Maya, and she'd take Austin. I loaded up my car with Maya's stuff and my tux.

It was foggy when we hit the road.

Due to the changing weather, allergies have been bad. Maya started licking her paw. It started to get raw, and we had to do something before it became an open wound. We originally got a cone, but she seemed miserable. We got a recovery sleeve, but she chewed through it. It was now back to the cone of shame.

I stopped at Kwik Trip for some breakfast.

I drove up the interstate and made a pit stop in Plover at Petco.

I wanted to buy another recovery sleeve, but they didn't have any. I hit the road for Marshfield and enjoyed the changing colors.

I drove into Marshfield and went to a pet store there. They also didn't have a recovery sleeve.

My tux was mailed to me, and I needed to do a final fitting and adjustments. I dropped Maya off at my parent's house. I then went in and got a better fitting jacket. Maya was super anxious, so I grabbed Kwik Trip for lunch and went out to be with her.

Victoria left a few hours after I did. We met at the hotel around check-in time.

This is the first time I've stayed at the Hampton in Marshfield. We were pretty impressed with the room. It was modern and even welcomed us on the TV.

Victoria was able to stop at Mounds before heading to Marshfield. This is where we got the original recovery sleeve. She bought two, just in case. You can see Maya was more at ease.

I recently bought a 20L MOLLE backpack on Amazon. I also bought a tool roll that I used to store my clothes. Overall, it seemed to work well.

We later went to the rehearsal. Austin enjoyed getting pulled in the wagon.

The following day, a strong storm came in. I took Maya out to go to the bathroom before it started to pour.

We then went to breakfast. Everything was pretty good!

We went back to the hotel and relaxed a bit. Soon, we were heading out for lunch. We made a quick detour at Walgreens for some diaper cream.

Soon, we were at Chip's.

I got a Champ burger with some fries and cheese curds. Chip's is definitely a staple of Marshfield, and I love eating there.

As the day went on, things started to clear up. This was good because the wedding was outdoors. Austin and I napped and woke up about an hour before the wedding. We quickly got dressed and made it there in time for everything.

The wedding went well overall. We took a bunch of pictures after it and were soon eating.

Austin had a great time dancing or, should I say, running in circles to the music. He danced a bit with my brother.

It was a bit past Austin's bedtime, and we could see he was hitting a wall. We left around 8:30-9 PM and headed back to the hotel. He was still a bit wired from all the excitement but settled down fast enough.

The following day, we skipped the hotel breakfast. We wanted something lighter on gluten, so we went to Taco John's.

After breakfast, we packed everything and headed to my parent's house to visit. A little before Austin's nap, we left. Maya rode with me, and we took the scenic route back.

I had initially wanted to stop at Kwik Trip and grab something to eat. It was hotter than I expected, so I didn't want to leave Maya in the car. I went through the McDonald's drive-thru instead in Mauston.

While waiting, I pulled in my phone. I got this charger that also reads out the voltages. I don't have a gauge that does this. This device lets me keep an eye on my charging system. The only time I've been stranded on a road trip is when my alternator went out in my old Focus. I'd like to avoid that happening again.

I got the 2 for $3 special of a McChicken and cheeseburger.

I hit the interstate, and shortly after, it hit 90F.

By the time I hit Wisconsin Dells, there were some traffic snarls.

I luckily got on US-12, and then it was smooth sailing the rest of the way home. I made it home about an hour before Victoria did. She had to stop to grab something to eat with Austin. We later had supper, and Austin went to bed.

I hadn't gone to church for the weekend, so I found a mass downtown at 8:30 PM. It was on the UW Campus.

I soon headed out into the darkness.

I parked in a visitor lot. After parking, I found staying there wasn't a good idea.

I went to another lot up the road and then walked a bit to the church.

After mass, I headed back to my car. Because I parked in the other garage, I forgot exactly where I parked in the second garage. I thought I was parked up a floor or two. I was actually in the lower part by the basement. I did a lot of wandering to find my car finally. I hit the lock button many times and could finally hear the honking.

I made it home and went to bed right away. Everything went well over the weekend, but it was very tiring. From the moment we woke up, Austin ran around the hotel room and did not stop. He had the best time, but watching him took a lot of energy.

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