Poutine in Canada

Don’t they put gravy on their french fries in Canada? I’m asked that often when people are wondering about poutine. At it’s very core, it’s french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds. Even places like McDonald’s have it.

If you’re looking for a quick poutine fix, McDonald’s poutine will usually hit the spot.

I do have my reservations about the watery gravy though.

For something more elaborate, but still very fast food, New York Fries is a better bet.

Their menu has a lot of variety.

You can even get stuff like poutine hot dogs!

Now, if you want something even more elaborate, you go to a place like La Poutine. These kind of shops really hone in on their poutine craft.

If you’re looking for a poutine burger, there’s even that, like at Fastlane Sports Bar & Grill.

Now if you’re looking to eat a little lighter and massive amounts of gravy isn’t what you’re looking for, there’s poutine-flavored chips to go along with your sub at Subway.

As you can see, poutine is a big deal in Canada. If asked about the “french fries with gravy,” I have to tell people it’s delicious and they definitely need to try it!