Trains in Marshfield

Marshfield is nicknamed the “Hub City”. Why? Because trains are pretty much the sole reason the city exists in the first place.

Marshfield is not on a navigable body of water. From what I’ve heard, at 19,000 people, it’s the largest city in Wisconsin not on some sort of river.

What Marshfield had was its location. It is almost in the exact center of the state, which makes it a perfect hub for the trains, hence the nickname “hub city.”

It seems waiting for trains is a past time in Marshfield whether people want to participate or not. I think a train comes by at least once an hour.

Trains are just a way of life in Marshfield. They are the main cause of traffic jams that might cause a person to have to wait through two lights as traffic gets back to normal after a train. I do know I’m always happy when the gates are up and there’s no train!