Bazaar Cattle Pens in Kansas

When driving up to Wisconsin from Texas, I’ll usually take the toll road through Kansas. By the time I hit Kansas, I’ve been driving for a while. I’m just trying to make good time so I don’t really stop along the way. I’ve seen the signs for the Bazaar Cattle Pens and was curious about them, but always just drove by.

This time, I decided to stop and check it out.

There was a decent amount of parking.

I really questioned what the attraction really was. It was cool to stop and see some of the scenery of Kansas, but I didn’t actually see any cattle.

Maybe the attraction was a small, fenced-in gravel lot that was the actual “cattle pen.”

Besides a parking area to stop and take a rest along the interstate, I was a bit confused on what the attraction actually was. I did enjoy taking a quick break and enjoyed a beautiful view of the Kansas prairies, so that’s definitely something. After that break, I was quickly back on the road and trying to make good time again.