Highway O and The Highway O Bridge

When I was driving back from Wausau, WI, I decided to take the county roads back to Marshfield. One such county road is Highway O in Marathon County. This scenic drive consisted of forests…

…farmers’ fields…

…along with the farms…

…as well as the occasional bars in the middle of nowhere.

You could say this road represented Rural Wisconsin very well.

Wisconsin also has 15,000 lakes. Highway O represents that well with a massive bridge across the Big Eau Pleine Flowage.

The bridge is long and narrow. I turned off the bridge on Sandy Shore Rd. to park. This is where we used to park all the time when we wanted to go ice fishing.

The narrow bridge is very scenic.

The bridge eventually leads back to the forest and to a T-intersection that combines County Road O with County Road C. In many ways, if you want an iconic drive in Wisconsin, this is where to go!