The Rest of My Wisconsin Trip

Between going to High Tech Happy Hour in Madison, a wedding, visiting Copper Harbor and Door County, doing a ride along with the Thunder Bay police, being on the Canadian radio, hanging out in Thunder Bay, driving the Cougar around, getting milk through a drive-thru, checking out Pray, and going to a 50th wedding anniversary, I had a pretty busy trip. I was able to see and do a lot of things and had a great time doing them.

I was able to go and look at what Kuyoth had for a selection. This is the muscle car delaership where I bought my Cougar.

I also spent some quality time with Jordy.

Kwik trip has a good selection for breakfast.

I decided to get a ham and egg croissant, mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, and some beef sticks. I also got some whole milk to wash it down.

My car rolled over 234,567 miles and ironically the tripometer was at 66.6 miles.

I ate my fair share of cheese curds.

Jake and I went to Wausau to pick something up quick. We drove past some of the places we used to ice fish.

A decent storm rolled through the area.

Later in the night, after I went to the 50th wedding anniversary, I hit the town with my buddy Mike. Some guy decided to bring his pet skunk to the bar.

Town itself was kind of dead that night.

After everything was said and done, I had to put the Cougar away.

I always hate it when it's time to go back. The drive back to Texas is long and kind of sucks. There is definitely I miss a lot about Marshfield and Central Wisconsin in general. I'm hoping to come up soon, but right now I'll continue some more adventures in Texas.

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