Marshfield at Four in the Morning

You often hear that a town “rolls up the sidewalks” at a specific time. This seems to happen in many small towns, including my hometown of Marshfield, WI. Now the next question, is when do the sidewalks get rolled back out and businesses reopen? When I lived in Marshfield, my job started at 5am and I soon came to find out those sidewalks were still rolled up in the 4am hour.

I decided to drive from the south end of Marshfield to the north end to explore what was open.

On the extreme south end is the Holiday Station. It’s closed.

I continued my drive to notice that pretty much everything was closed.

So what is the saving grace at 4am? It appears Walmart and Festival Foods.

The only other place is Kwik Trip.

Needless to say, I formed an affinity for Kwik Trip and the breakfast they had to offer.

In many ways, places like Marshfield are a refreshing break from the 24/7 cities. In other ways, if you work early in the morning, it may be a challenge to find a place to get breakfast. It was definitely quiet when I took my drive that early, but I did get a chance to get some good breakfast at Kwik Trip.