Kwik Trip Breakfast

When I lived in Marshfield, I used to start work at 5am. With that being said, there’s really nothing open right before to get breakfast. The only legit place that has breakfast is Kwik Trip. Needless to say, I quickly became of fan of Kwik Trip breakfasts and was a regular at the hot case at 4:30am.

I always loved Wednesdays where you could get some stuff for a dollar. That usually made good for both breakfast and lunch.

There was even stuff like cheese-filled breadsticks that were surprisingly good at breakfast.

Many mornings, I’d get my food and load up a bag with it.

So what did I get? It took a while to perfect exactly what I liked, but if I was super hungry I’d get a ham, egg, and cheese croissant, a hash brown stick, beef sticks, string cheese, and the occasional cheese-filled breadstick. I’d wash it all down with whole milk.

This made for an amazing breakfast that left me very full. I especially liked the ham, egg, and cheese croissant that felt like it could be more like a ham sandwich than an egg sandwich. I absolutely love my Kwik Trip breakfasts and try to have at least one every time I visit Wisconsin!