Neva Jean Motel, Marshfield, WI

In Marshfield, the Neva Jean has a reputation and it’s not a good one. Between a place where the strippers used to stay and where alleged drug manufacturing was going on by certain people who stayed there, the hotel was kind of a joke of the town. I decided to stay here to see if it lived up to its reputation (I was actually blown away by how great this hotel was!).

This reputation was built decades ago. The strip club is now closed. I haven’t heard any reports of drug activity in a number of years. The place is under new ownership and management and they are rapidly working to continue to improve it, especially focusing on cleanliness and creating a peaceful environment. With that, does the Neva Jean actually live up to its perceived reputation?

When I visited Thunder Bay, I stayed at Shoreline Motor Hotel. This is one of the hotels in Thunder Bay that holds the same reputation as the Neva Jean. If you read that blog entry, you see it absolutely lives up to that reputation with things like bloodstains on the shower curtains, brawls in the parking lot, and a possible overdose that happened during my stay. I still have my can of Lysol that I purchased to clean up the room.

After the stay at Shoreline, my tolerance for bad hotels has gone way up. When I was looking to visit Marshfield, I needed a cheap place to stay with decent internet. Neva Jean is cheap. When I emailed and asked about internet speeds, not only did I get a prompt response with a speed test, they also knew about the location of their access points. They really seemed on top of their game!

I booked a room and checked in.

Judging from the outside, you could tell it was an older motel.

They still used regular keys for the door.

Inside, the room was small and cozy. Actually, this may have been the smallest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in.

Being wary of the reputation and also staying at a place like Shoreline, I was armed with my can of disinfectant. I first checked the bed for bedbugs. None to be found!

I then went over to the fridge and microwave.

The fridge was clean…

…and so was the microwave!

The bathroom also looked fine.

Now that any sanitation concerns were put aside, I was at ease. In reality, I just needed a place to work and sleep with good internet. This room met all those needs.

Actually, the internet was some of the best I’ve seen at a hotel. They really did promise and deliver with this one!

As you can see, everything was great overall. I had my little workspace to get things done. The fact that the room was as simple as it was, I kind of felt a bit like Henry David Thoreau in my little cabin. I really felt at peace as I got my work done and had a great experience!

As you can see, the Neva Jean does not live up to its past reputation. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at that allows me to get my work done. It’s super budget friendly and has everything you need to give you the best value for your money.

Talking about friendly, Scott, the manager, is super friendly and I enjoyed talking to him. He actually cleans the rooms, so I saw he takes a lot of pride in making sure guests have a good experience. We actually talked a bit about the past reputation of Neva Jean and it’s clear that past riff-raff is no longer tolerated. I was honestly blown away with the value I received from Neva Jean and would recommend it to anyone wanting to stay in Marshfield. Additionally, if anyone wants to trash talk the place, I really need to tell them to reexamine their opinion.