Wednesday Weekly November 7: Back to Working Life in Austin

On last week’s Wednesday Weekly you probably say the epic 3,200 mile road trip I took. I took this before I started my new job. I know I wouldn’t have the vacation time in the future so I wanted to have a last sort of road trip before I settle in to the working life again.

As part of the settling, I had to deal with a water boil notice. That was definitely a lot of work boiling any water use used to drink or cook with.

Victoria and I had a busy weekend planned. We first went on a road trip to Bryan to check out the record convention there. We started early in the morning.

After the record convention, we headed to Salado. We took a few backroads to get to Barrow Brewing.

We met up with some extended family, drank some beer, and hung out. Our next stop was the Inn at Salado. This was Victoria’s grandma’s childhood home that is turned into a bed and breakfast. This is where we are getting married.

Once we checked out the Inn at Salado, we headed to Temple. This is where we hit up BJ’s Brewery Tasting Room and Nami Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar.

Other than that, I am working normal business hours again. I am working as a Systems Administrator for a managed services company. I know some people reached out to me thinking last week’s blog was my last. It is definitely not and there are still a ton more adventures to come. I’ll be exploring a lot more of Austin and Central Texas. If any of you readers are interested in any parts of the area, definitely let me know. I’m always open to suggestions. Definitely stay tuned!

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