Mission Accomplished! She Said Yes!

When I first mentioned the mission I was on in Thunder Bay, it hinted towards what I was looking to do. I wanted to make it as vague as possible to keep Victoria as surprised as I could. Many people knew more of the details of the mission, including the Thunder Bay Memories group. I am grateful for all the advice I was given that allowed me to pull off the proposal, and I can excitedly say that my mission was accomplished, and she said yes!

Early on, I knew Victoria was very special. We had actually talked about marriage, and in many ways, we had already been functioning like a married couple would. We moved in together and even got a joint bank account. We split up household chores. We’ve had a great positive influence on each other where we are eating much better than we did in the past, and the apartment is much cleaner than how we kept our individual apartments. In essence, we make a great team, and our lives are much more whole and happier. It’s really been a great improvement overall!

With that, I want to make everything about the proposal special. I wanted the ring to be one of a kind and have special meaning behind it. That’s why I drove to Canada and picked up the amethyst directly from the mine. With that amethyst, I had the ring custom made.

When I received notification the ring was ready, I knew I wanted to propose at The Alamo. This is where our first date ended up, and we had our first kiss. Knowing that Victoria’s Christmas party was set to be in San Antonio, I knew this would be the perfect time to do this.

The timing worked out perfectly, and I was able to propose a little while after we had checked into our hotel. I was happy this was a complete surprise for Victoria, who was actually preoccupied on finding food. After she said yes, we decided to celebrate Texas-style and got some food from Whataburger. Later on, we had a drink and I got a Lone Star beer.

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