A Weekend Visit to Marshfield

For my mom’s birthday, we planned to come up from Madison and visit Marshfield. Besides visiting my parents, we also thought it would be cool to view my hometown from the eyes of a tourist. On a Saturday we headed up to Marshfield.

Most of the day was spent visiting with my parents. Later that night, we checked into Hotel Marshfield.

I have not stayed at a hotel since the pandemic started. If I had an overnight trip, I would just sleep in my car, aka the “Hotel Focus.” Victoria isn’t a fan of the Hotel Focus and the temperatures are starting to get low enough at night that it isn’t the most comfortable anyway. From our stay during our second wedding reception, we knew Hotel Marshfield always goes above and beyond with everything. That’s why we felt comfortable staying overnight there. Throughout the stay, my instincts were proven right, and they really did go above and beyond with safety precautions, especially with breakfast. Beverages were served by an attendant and everything was individually wrapped. We were able to take breakfast back to our room and eat it there.

After eating breakfast, we checked out and headed to Uptown Coffee to get some coffee and good vibes to fuel our exploring.

We then headed to Wildwood Zoo to do some exploring.

This squirrel was a friendly ambassador to the zoo and greeted us as we walked in.

I know geese sometimes aren’t as friendly, so I observed them from more of a distance.

The other birds seemed to be watching us carefully.

As cats often do, the Cougar was doing his own thing.

The bears love to put on a show. You can get really close to them via the observation window. They were just laying around doing nothing, but the second we walked up, they decided to wrestle a bit.

The fox wanted nothing to do with it. He slept away as we walked by.

We got done exploring the walking part of the zoo and we headed back to the car. Our squirrel friend was there to say goodbye.

We then drove over to the drive-thru zoo. We checked out the upper pond and stopped to look at a few animals along the way.

Our next destination was to see the rusted remains of past animals. We headed out to Jurustic Park.

I have to admit, I lived in Marshfield for the majority of my life. Juristic Park has been around for many years, but I’ve never actually visited it. I’ve heard amazing things about it and seen some sculptures around town.

Clyde, the guy behind all this, is a character. He came out and gave us a tour of the place. His fast-witted sense of humor brought these rusting creatures to life.

I know they had built a new football stadium recently, so we checked it out after Jurustic Park. I can definitely say it is very nice overall!

For lunch, we stopped at Nutz Deep for some takeout pizzas. I see they had a few Jurustic creatures out front.

We took the pizzas back to my parents’ house and had lunch with them.

The trip itself turned out to be great. We were able to visit with my family and see Marshfield from the eyes of a tourist. Hotel Marshfield proved to be an awesome place to stay. It was cool seeing Wildwood Zoo and eating food from Nutz Deep again. I also enjoyed trying coffee at Uptown Coffee, seeing Jurustic Park for the first time, and getting a glimpse of the new football stadium. I see there been a few changes since I’ve moved away. I think I’ll need to get back to Marshfield sometime in the near future to keep exploring all the cool new things, as well as visit some of my old favorite places. The nice thing is I no longer have to rely on word of mouth to figure out what’s changed and what’s trendy in my hometown. Visit Marshfield makes it easy for me and now I can monitor their website, visitmarshfield.com, and know when I need to take another impulsive trip there. Marshfield has a ton to offer and I know I’ll be back!